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Manufacturing pipes and tubes with quality unsurpassed.

The manufacturing of stainless steel welded tubes is carried out on custom designed, sophisticated tube mills where stainless steel strips,slit to precise widths, are continuously formed into a tubular shape and welded by Tungsten - Inert-Gas(TIG) welding The welding is highly precise and completely automated. The edges of the strips are heated and fused together under protective atmosphere of argon through a non-conrsumable electrode without the addition of any filler metal. The integrity of the weld is continuously controlled by sophisticated electronics devices that maintainds perfact, arc stability, and direction in a magntic field.

special tubular forms & finishing

The Company didn’t rest content with producing tubes only and established capacity to produce a variety of tubular forms as well as external finishes to meet special requirements of customers. The company is prepared to cater any other special needs of the customer.

A Large variety of finishing lines are also installed to meet the needs of ornamental tubes required.World wide finishes such as HF No.1,2,3,4,5,6,Bright,HF Bright & many more finishes are available on request.

The pipes and Tubes are supplied according to proper standards & Specifications in large variety of stainless steel grades, dimesion, tolerances, lengths, mechanical and chemical properties as per customers requirement.

SPS Tubes Industries,stainless steel welded pipes and tubes division,consist of a range of tube mills, measuring equipments,quality testing facilities & a whole range of products confirming to high quality, for domestic as well as international standards,with an annual installed capacity of 15000 MT.

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SPS Tube Industries commenced manufacturing operations at Dangarwa near Ahmedabad with the set up of continuous tube mill to, make a stainless steel welded tubes (ERW) in 2003.